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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Harvard Trained Economist: Good News For Gold Holders…Gold Will Only Drop To $700 – $1,000!

Harry Dent has good news! He used to project the coming gold price plunge to $400, but now, Harry’s upped his price targets. Here’s why…
I’m finally caught up on sleep after Australia, but I’m still thinking about all the good times from that trip. You get to meet so many smart, innovative people when you go out on these speaking tours, and I always love Australia because that country never fails to bring out these great types of crowds.
Anyway, I was talking with a subscriber after one of my presentations over there, and she introduced me to a technical analyst she uses for trading who employs some real original indicators combining shorter-term time cycles and patterns. This was really impressive stuff, and I talk about it all in this week’s rant.
To make it quick: He’s seeing high probability signals that both gold and silver are bottoming out right now and heading higher again into 2020, maybe as late as the fall. How high? Say 80%. That’s Adam O’Dell territory. Only Adam can find short-term probabilities like that!
That’s serious, but the good news? The smart money is already buying the beaten-down mining stocks, so gold and silver should be next to run and look to already be starting with a minimum target of $1,720 on gold, maybe even $1,900. This also has implications for Treasury bond yields continuing to rise a bit which will be good for locking in that safe haven play in 2020 when we finally see stock peak.
Also in this week’s clip, a preview of the January 2020 Boom & Bust, which, for your subscribers, should hit your inboxes just before the holidays and your snail mailboxes a few days before the New Year. If you haven’t yet, right now would be a great time to make sure you have access to our critical market research and analysis, as we enter what could be the wildest year in economic history.
You’ve seen me talk about Money Velocity before. Well, now I’m looking at Money Velocity around the world. So, keep an eye out for that.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOk8TOWBUVs&feature=emb_title

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