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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Financial Reset Wipeout!🚨 $1,500 GOLD: No Going Back - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

First Majestic Just MADE Fresh 3-Year High.Gold is going parabolic, trading for OVER $1,500/ounce, while silver is rocketing towards $18.00 AGAIN!

Wealth Research Group has been hammering the case for a weak dollar, in the face of completion of the Phase 1 trade deal - it's now occurring just as we said it would.

In mid-June, we published the 4 companies that you must own in this precious metals comeback and they're DELIVERING BIG-TIME for us!

Franco Nevada is up 30% since June, currently trading at an ALL-TIME HIGH!

Royal Gold is up 25% since June, currently trading UP 45% this year!

Keith Neumeyer's billion-dollar company, First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG & TSX: FR), one of only TWO silver miners on the New York Stock Exchange, just hit a 3-YEAR HIGH of CAD$15.64.

Since mid-June, we're up 75% and since January, it's over 100% and COUNTING!BELOW, you'll find the original alert, sent this AM, in case you missed it:
Our precious metals positions might be on the verge of a multi-year move that will shatter the 2011 all-time high.

The FED has convinced investors that (1) deficits don't matter, (2) currency printing doesn't lead to inflation at all (not even delayed), (3) low unemployment doesn't cause inflation and (4) that they've GIVEN UP on the subject.

Literally, when I heard that they're ready to let inflation run hot to make up for lost time, I bought shares of our 4 WINNERS in 2019.

The FED was scared of inflation TOO EARLY and was wrong. At the beginning of 2018, it broadcasted its view that we must tighten now and it did. As Trump has said, along with many other investors, there was no material inflation in consumer goods. The FED paid attention to comments on their over-tightening one year ago, when markets dropped in December, and made a FULL U-TURN when markets told it point blank that equities are not worth so much, if you keep tightening.

Powell made a mistake, didn't ADMIT to it, reversed course with his tail between his legs and has now made the OPPOSITE mistake of lowering rates back down, so that every asset you can think of is UP, regardless of fundamentals.

Who's the victim in this? Well, it's the AVERAGE GUY, because companies must charge consumers a BOATLOAD to make up for loss of income elsewhere.

Check this out – people are paying 17% on debts:What Powell has told markets is that the FED is a rookie when it comes to gauging inflation and being ahead of the curve, which is getting the Smart Money worried.

There's a herd of investors, who are not afraid of inflation at all and have dumped $17T into negative yielding bonds, including the central banks themselves.

The 11,000 baby boomers, who are retiring every day (and will continue to do so in this new decade), force U.S. corporations to chase WORKERS for the first time in many years, even decades.

Wages are rising and will continue to move up, but the central bank is behind the curve on this matter.

When inflation was subdued between 1960 and 1968, people thought that inflation was a problem of the past and was under control. Suddenly, it rose to 6% and by 1971, Nixon pulled the plug on gold!Because of low interest rates, the burden of debt is NOTHING, compared with that of entitlements, but even if rates remain low for another 10 YEARS, the annual payout will reach $1.1T by 2030.

In this decade, I'm CERTAIN that the camel will break its back.

In other words, (1) there is ZERO willingness to return to a gold standard, (2) central banks have persuaded investors that inflation is not an ISSUE, (3) no one fears the trend of higher wages and low interest rates and (4) investors are UNDER-INVESTED in inflation hedges!

Mining stocks have suffered badly in this deflationary era, but with crude oil up 20% in 2019 and labor costs going up, share prices have one way to go in 2020, and that's NORTH.

Get ready for the most PROFITABLE year of your life!Huge Rally Coming for Precious Metal Mining Shares

First Majestic Silver Up 14.7% Since Yesterday!Gold and silver prices are finishing up a solid 2019 and appear poised to continue with a renewed bull market in 2020.

As you know, we expect great things from the mining sector next year, and one of our favorite silver miners is First Majestic Silver, where I am a long-term shareholder.

Keith Neumeyer, a personal friend and mentor of mine, is the founder and CEO.

Keith is the who’s who of the mining industry, building two separate billion-dollar companies in a sector that probably has close to 99%+ failing.

I’ve never met a CEO who fights for his shareholders the way he does.

***He’s a true value creator, but also an outspoken advocate for fair pricing of the metals First Majestic Silver mines.***

Long before the recent admission by the U.S. Department of Justice that the bullion banks had been involved in precious metal price manipulation, Keith called on other silver miners to hold back production for 30 days in order to prove to the world just how fake the current market is.

Under oath, Jeffery Christianson admitted that for every 100 ounces of silver sold on the COMEX, there is really only 1 ounce of physical metal to back it up.

It’s a rigged market, but that’s why we like it even more – because the price has been suppressed.

Unlike the Dow Jones, which is manipulated up, the precious metals have been suppressed to the downside, offering investors an opportunity to buy something that is truly cheap in a world that has seen nothing but asset inflation for the last decade.Silver, in my opinion, will be the best investment of the next decade.

The 2020s are going to be great for precious metal investors, especially for the silver mining stocks.

Our recommendation of First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG) is the purest primary silver producer on the planet!

They produced approximately 16 million silver-equivalent ounces in 2017.

In 2018, it grew to more than 22 million ounces.

For 2019, we are on pace to hit 25 million ounces!

Keith knows how to grow a business, and even more importantly, set up his investors for big gains.

First Majestic acquired the San Dimas mine last year. Keith believes this can nearly double their annual production.

He’s also grown the company’s in-ground silver resources from 120 million silver-equivalent ounces in 2017 to 171 million.

In my opinion, AG is and will continue to be the go-to silver stock.

It’s the purest in the silver peer group and it’s had consistent growth over the last 10 years.

Own some physical silver for monetary reasons and consider investing in First Majestic Silver for the potential upside we see ahead.Heritage Capital: Gold Price to Hit $3,000 in Next Decade

Read Newsmax: Gold Is Going To $2,500, $3,000 An Ounce: Investment Expert |
Important: Find Your Real Retirement Date in Minutes! More Info Here.One investment expert sees gold continuing to surge into the new decade.

“I think gold's going to $2,500, $3,000 an ounce in the 2020s because the climate — the landscape for gold is so hugely supportive.” Paul Schatz, Heritage Capital president, recently told Yahoo Finance.

Meanwhile, as 2020 looms, BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest money manager, remains constructive on bullion as a hedge, while Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and UBS Group AG see prices climbing to $1,600 an ounce -- a level last seen in 2013, Bloomberg said

Read Newsmax: Gold Is Going To $2,500, $3,000 An Ounce: Investment Expert |
Important: Find Your Real Retirement Date in Minutes! More Info Here.“Gold cannot fully replace government bonds in a portfolio, but the case to reallocate a portion of normal bond exposure to gold is as strong as ever,” Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analysts including Sabine Schels said in a note cited by Bloomberg. “We still see upside in gold as late cycle concerns and heightened political uncertainty will likely support investment demand” for bullion as a defensive asset.

The precious metal climbed to a six-year high in September as the Federal Reserve cut borrowing costs and the total pile of debt yielding less than zero climbed to a record $17 trillion, boosting the appeal of non-interest bearing gold.

Goldman is still sticking to its forecast prices will climb to $1,600 over the next year.

Schatz thinks Goldman’s forecast is too low. “I think Goldman is way off here,” he said. “$1,600 is going to be a footnote.”

Schatz said “an individual investor should have 5% to 10% in some capacity in precious metals. People who don't trust the markets, don't trust paper will want to buy gold coins. Anything that they're comfortable,” he said. “You want to buy gold stocks? Fine. You want to buy GLD? Fine. You want to buy gold coins? Fine.”
For people who don’t want to store physical gold, in the manner of bars and coins, in their basement, gold ETFs are an alternative, said Schatz. “If you want to leverage play, you play the stock ETF, “ he added, highlighting it as a practical way to own gold.
Bullion is heading for the biggest annual advance since 2010, outperforming the Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index, as a year dominated by trade war vicissitudes and a trio of Federal Reserve interest rate cuts propelled the traditional haven to the forefront. Still, with global equities remaining buoyant and the U.S. labor market proving resilient, gold’s outlook isn’t clear cut due to uncertainty over what central banks will do in 2020.
Important: Find Your Real Retirement Date in Minutes! More Info Here“Economic growth and inflation remain moderate and central banks continue to lean toward accommodation,” said Russ Koesterich, portfolio manager at the $24 billion BlackRock Global Allocation Fund. “In this environment, any shocks to equities are likely to come from concerns over growth and, or geopolitics. In both scenarios, gold is likely to prove an effective hedge.”
Trump's Secret Weapon: Gold
Gold could literally double overnight, especially if President Donald Trump uses it as a secret weapon in his ongoing battle against the Federal Reserve.

In my recent three-part series published for Newsmax Finance in November, I focused on the Federal Reserve, their policies, and the massive impact this one “independent” institution has on risk the assets of the world. In short, the Fed controls the dollar, the dollar is the world’s trading currency, and by virtue - the Fed controls the world. A stronger dollar hurts the world’s growth prospects. It also hurts Trump’s growth initiative.

We have witnessed this first hand as the Fed raised rates in Q4 and tightened monetary policy through their balance sheet runoff. Global markets seized and U.S. equity markets dropped 15%. What the Fed kept at 0% for eight years under President Barack Obama, they have raised six times under Trump. The federal-funds rate now stands close to 2.4%. This one action has killed the Trump growth agenda.

Trump has been vocal about it all and has stepped up his attacks on Jerome Powell. He’s called him “crazy,” “his greatest threat,” and in a recent tweet said: “Had the Fed not mistakenly raised interest rates, especially since there is very little inflation, and had they not done the ridiculously timed quantitative tightening, the 3.0% GDP, & Stock Market, would have both been much higher & World Markets would be in a better place!"

Never before in history have we had a president so openly critical of the Fed. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Trump personally phoned Fed Chairman Powell on three separate occasions in March to complain that his interest rate hikes and balance sheet run-off have hurt the growth he’s been trying to achieve. He’s said hiring Powell “was one of the worst decisions I have ever made,” and told Powell directly, “I guess I am stuck with you.”

This open and ramped up aggression toward the Fed has come in coordination with three other key events in the last week. The first is the nomination of “loose money” Stephen Moore for Fed Governor. Moore, who wrote a book called “Trumponomics,” is very close to the president and has called for an immediate 50-basis point reduction in interest rates.

The second is that Larry Kudlow, economic adviser to the president, is also calling for the exact same 50 basis point cut. Finally there is the proposed nomination of Herman Cain to the remaining open Fed seat. Cain is huge proponent of going back to the gold standard.

Taken individually these moves are interesting. When taken together they scream of a planned attack. I’ve spent years studying the Federal Reserve. Much of my book “Gold Is a Better Way” focuses on Fed officials and their policies and the upcoming devaluation of the U.S. dollar. It explains why the U.S. dollar is set for a massive devaluation over the next decade. This first step by Trump to diminish the Fed is the beginning of devaluation.

What Trump and team are openly doing is unprecedented, and is meant to damage the credibility of the Fed. Remember, every dollar has three words on its face: Federal Reserve Note. When Trump and team aggressively go after and weaken the Fed, they are effectively trying to go after and weakening the U.S. dollar. As the Fed is publicly challenged, then changes course, then folds, the institution is then damaged. The result means a much weaker dollar.

The more I have studied this recent progression, the more convinced I am that Trump and company are exacting a deeper plan that is working. They’ve gotten Powell to pivot. Now he’s “remaining patient.” The next step is to get him to fold. I believe this will mean a “controlled devaluation” of the dollar, and will mean a much higher gold price overnight.

Where this gets really interesting is that Trump could effectively use gold to devalue the dollar and make gold double overnight through one simple executive action. He could instruct Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to change the way gold is valued on the books.

Currently gold is valued at $42 per ounce, which was the price of gold in 1971 when President Richard Nixon closed the gold window. By directing Mnuchin to “mark gold to the market price,” Trump would cause the Fed’s balance to strengthen by $350 billion. As a result, gold could immediately soar.

Nixon accomplished this through simple executive action and outside of Congress or any agreement from the “independent” Fed. Trump could literally do the same. I unveil this secret in my just released 22-minute documentary, “How Trump Can Trump the Fed.”

Trump understands a weaker U.S. dollar is the key to unleashing the U.S. economy. So far the plan has worked. The next step is a re-pricing of gold on the Fed’s balance sheet that could cause the price of gold around the world to double overnight.

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